Dear Jacksonville Heights Parents,


    Our mission for the 2018 – 2019 school year is to continue to promote greater student safety and start each day with a rigorous academic focus. In order to make the most of our instructional time, we need to eliminate all distractions. We will continue to move to a school-wide uniform policy next year for all students, and want to give parents adequate time to prepare.


    We’ve collaborated with a local business that’s willing to offer a RED, WHITE, AND BLUE COLORED SHIRTS for only $7.50 each. Each week students would start out with RED on Monday, White on Tuesday, and Blue on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday can be your child’s color of choice (Red, White, or Blue.)  You may also purchase Red, White, and Blue polo shirts at any of the local stores. I am asking for your daily support and cooperation in this effort. Let’s present a visual commitment to excellence each day and show our community that we are making a change at Jacksonville Heights Elementary.

     * Payments for school shirts must be made in cash, credit, money orders, or check (payable to Total Impact).