• Afternoon Dismissal begins at 2:55.

    Car Rider Information
     *Safety First*
    Staff and safety patrols will assist your child to get in your car. Please DO NOT walk up to pick up car riders.
    Please observe traffic zones - Traffic flow into our school is ONE WAY. Front of School - BUSES only      Side of School - CARS only
    Car Riders use the plastic car hanger given out by the school.  Please display it in car in your window during pick-up.  It should have your child's first and last name, grade and  teacher's name.

    Early Release Dismissal Times

    Kindergarten - 1:15

    Car riders - 1:15

    Buses and Daycare vans - as they arrive

    Walkers, bike riders, and Extended Day - 1:15

     Change in student dismissal 

    Send a WRITTEN note for a change in your child's dismissal plan. (No telephone calls accepted) Emergency Only

    Early Check-out

    No early check out after 2:15.

    No early check out after 12:30 pm on Early Release days.