Dismissal Procedures

    Buses: Students who ride magnet buses are called about 5 minutes before all other buses due to their strict time schedules and transfer responsibilities. Then all other bus riders are released. Safety Patrols write bus numbers on dry erase boards in the order that they arrive, allowing students to quickly find their buses as they file into bus loading/waiting area. Before buses are released simultaneously, a count of total students on bus is given to a school official, who keeps an accurate record of all buses and their counts, as well as arrival and dismissal times.
    Car riders: Parents/Guardians MUST have a car tag with your child(rens) assigned number at all times in order to pick up your child in the car circle.  If you walk up to the media center to pick your child up, you MUST have the same car tag mentioned above to show a faculty/staff member in order to pick up your student(s).  Gates remain locked at the driveway entrance and exit until 2:35.  Students that are car riders will be dismissed from their classrooms at 2:45.