• 2018-2019

    Students may begin entering the building at 8:00 AM unless they are enrolled in our Extended Day Program. Students are supervised in the hallways by their classrooms.  They may sit and read quietly until the bell rings. The first bell rings at 8:20 AM for students to enter their classrooms. Announcements begin at 8:25 and we are ready for instruction to begin at 8:30 AM.  A student is considered tardy and will receive a tardy slip from the main office beginning at 8:30 AM.  Students who wish to eat breakfast should report to the cafeteria first and then proceed to their classrooms.  All NBE students will be provided breakfast and lunch at no cost.

    Regular Dismissal/Early Dismissal
    Please be aware that you will not be able to check out your child after 2:15 PM or 1:00 PM on Early Dismissal. 
    It is DCPS policy that students not be dismissed within the last 45 minutes of school. 
    2:47/1:32 Car Riders: Parents must have tags provided by the school displayed in the front window of the vehicle. Parents pull forward through the car line and children will be escorted to the car.
    2:47/1:32 Park to Pick Up: Parents must have a card provided by the school with their child's name on it. Kindergarten students may be picked up by the fenced area outside room 103. Grades 1-5 will be picked up by the front office entrance.
    2:51/1:36 Kindergarten and 1st-grade Bus Riders
    2:55/1:40 Bus Riders 
    3:00/1:45 Walkers/Bikers/Van Riders: Parents may meet walkers and bikers outside the gate by the track on the west side of the building.  
    3:05/1:50 Extended Day Students
    For the safety of all our students and adults please observe posted speed limits and drive cautiously. Please cross in the marked crosswalk only.