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    No student is to be on campus PRIOR to 8:00AM unless they are enrolled in Extended Day.  There is no adult supervision prior to 8:00AM.  All middle school students should arrive no later than 8:15 and elementary should arrive no later than 8:30AM.  Students should be in their classrooms and ready to begin work on time. 




    If you are picking up your child early from school, please come to the front office. No student will be checked out after 2:15 p.m. per district policy (*see below*).


    To protect instructional time for our students, Westview has designated specific dismissal times. Those times are as follows:

     School Traffic



    • PreK: 2:30
    • K-5: 2:45
    • 6-8: 2:50


    • K-5: 2:55
    • 6-8: 2:57



    • 3:00

    PreK Dismissal: Parent/Guardian must park and come to the main doors to sign out student every day.


    Traffic pattern for automobiles
    For your child’s safety, we ask that:

    1. Parents who furnish transportation for children should leave them and pick them up at the main entrance of the building at the front of the school. Supervision is provided in this area beginning at 8:00 a.m. until 3:10 p.m.


    1. The traffic pattern at the front of the school is a one lane, single-file pattern. As a safety precaution, children will be asked not to cross driveway to parked cars. All children will be asked to stay on the sidewalk at the car port to be picked up. Car movement is slow at times, but the safety of children is our first concern. Please continue to drive around the circle if your child is not at the car port when you arrive to pick them up. Do not park in the traffic lane and wait, as this holds up the line.


    1. Speed should not exceed 5 MPH on school campus.


    The side is for buses and day care vans.


    *Early Pick-up

    As per Duval County, NO student is to be picked up after 2:15PM unless an emergency. The person picking up the student should come into the Main Office to sign for the student’s dismissal. The adult must be 18 years or older, be on the blue card, and have a Picture I.D. must be presented EVERY time.


    • PreK: 12:30
    • K-5: 12:45
    • 6-8: 12:50



    • K-5: 12:55
    • 6-8: 12:57



    • 1:00

    Car Riders

    In order for a student to be picked up as a car rider, you must have a Westview K-8 car hanging decal off your rear view mirror with the first and last names of your student(s) being picked up. This tells us that we have already checked identification and the student is allowed to enter the car. If no decal is present, you must park, go in the main office, and provide identification that you are the students parent/guardian/or approved adult to pick up the student. To keep order and safety, all car riding students are to be picked up in a car by an approved adult in the car riding zone. If you choose to get out of your car and get your student, you are to come to the front doors where the teacher will get your student. 


    In order for students to leave campus safely, there will be adults escorting them off campus. Once students leave campus, it is expected for them to walk directly home or wherever they have been directed by their parent or guardian. *Kindergarten students cannot walk home by themselves. They must walk with an older sibling or an adult.


    ESE Bus Loop

    No students may go beyond the yellow line (on the sidewalk near the dumpsters) unless accompanied by an adult.