• School Bus with kids riding on top.
    Morning Arrival
    Please make sure that your student(s) arrive to school no by 8:24 a.m. so they receive breakfast and do not miss any morning instruction.  Breakfast is served until 8:35 a.m.
    Afternoon Dismissal
    o   All Pre-K students are dismissed from 2:20 to 2:35 p.m. 
    o   All Pre-K students will need to be picked up by a parent from the dining room and signed out at that time. 
    o   Parents can utilize the front parking lot (second row of parking spaces) to park. 
    o   Please do not park your car on the grass in the front of the school or on the side of the road as you may receive a ticket. 
         There is a “No Parking” sign there.
    o   Car Riders: Please enter the car rider circle from the LEFT ONLYNever leave your car unattended. 
    o  Walkers/Concern: Students will be dismissed at 3:00 p.m. and should stay on the sidewalks and use the crossing guards at the designated locations.  Front Gate Walkers will be dismissed from the front gate near the Media Center.  Back Gate Walkers will be released from the back gate just off the campus sidewalk near the Kindergarten playground area.  An adult will escort the students to the gates, but students are expected to leave campus in a timely manner.   Parents who wait in the area near the school’s front parking lot must wait off campus and retrieve their child/children off campus.  Crossing the driveway traffic to pick up your child is a safety hazard and puts you and your child in danger.  This is a safety precaution and we will continue to revisit this process to make it more efficient.  You may want to consider simply getting in the car riders line early and beat the rush.  Please have a plan in place ahead of time for walkers in case of inclement weather.
    Extended Day Program
    Windy Hill Elementary offers an Extended Day program to assist parents and guardians.   Please go to the main office for more detailed information.   
    Late Pickup: A late fee of $10.00  will be added to the accounts of children picked up late.
    Payment: We accept personal checks, money orders, and cash.