• Student Dress Code 

    Proper clothing and ID’s must be worn to school by students at all times.  The following are not permitted: overly tight or revealing clothing, short shorts, jogging shorts, sun dresses with bare backs, torn or tattered clothes, see-through slacks, hats, ball caps, sweat bands, bare midriffs, tank tops, halter tops, underwear worn outside of clothing, clothing with obscene pictures, profane language, or drug paraphernalia, or pajamas.  All shorts must be mid thigh in length.  Students are not allowed to wear stilettos or heels over 3 inches. Attire for physical education should not be worn outside of physical education classes.  All young men must wear their pants at the waistline.  Teachers are responsible for monitoring these guidelines along with the administration and all Peterson stakeholders.  All teachers should make a conscious effort to check student dress in each period of the day.  Any student who does not adhere to these guidelines should be referred to the Dean of Student’s Office