2020-2021 Sandalwood High School Supplies

    All Students:


    Planner                                                                            Calculators:

    Pencil Pouch                                                                       Algebra 1 = TI30Xa

    Post It Notes                                                                       Geometry = TI-30XIIS

    3 Pencils                                                                              Algebra 2 = CASIO FX-260

    2 “3” Notebooks (1 for A day & 1 for B day)                   Pre-Cal and up = TI-84

    Dividers (minimum 8-one per class)                               MCR = TI30xII or TI-30XIIS

    Highlighters in variety of colors                                 **Clear/Mesh Book bag

    3 Pens         



    It is the expectation for ALL students to have a binder for A day and for B day with supplies listed above. Individual teachers may have additional requests. Thank you.