Stanton LogoThe Advanced Placement (AP) Honors Program

    Stanton’s Advanced Placement/Honors Program of Study is a rigorous Pre-University academic progression where all of the student’s core courses (Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Mathematics) are offered at either Honors or Advanced Placement level.  A student progressing through the 12th grade and graduating from the Stanton AP/Honors Program will have completed study in a minimum of 9 Advanced Placement courses and would have had access to many more throughout their progression.  In an annual survey that the National Association for College Admission Counseling conducts, "The Admission Trends Survey," the category that consistently ranks at the top of desirable characteristics of high school students is “Grades In College Prep Courses.”  With that thought in mind, Stanton’s Advanced Placement/Honors students prepare themselves for the rigor of college curricula as well as college admissions through the Advanced Placement/Honors Program.

     To view Stanton’s AP/Honors course progression please click here: AP Honor Course Sequence

    Stanton’s Advanced Placement Course offerings include:

    AP Art History

    AP Computer Science Principles

    AP Computer Science

    AP French Language

    AP Latin Vergil Caesar 

    AP Spanish Language

    AP Spanish Literature

    AP Chinese Language

    AP English Language

    AP English Literature

    AP Calculus AB

    AP Calculus BC

    AP Statistics

    AP Biology

    AP Environmental Science

    AP Chemistry

    AP Physics 1 & 2

    AP Physics C-Mechanics & Electricity

    AP US History

    AP Micro Economics

    AP Macro Economics

    AP Human Geography

    AP US Government & Politics

    AP Comparative Government & Politics

    AP Psychology

    AP European History

    AP World History

    AP Music Theory

    AP Studio Art