• School Wide Policy and Procedures
    Edward H. White Military Academy of Leadership
    Below are three very important school wide procedures that will be enforced daily:
             1.      Tardies
    Students have 5 minutes to get to class. Once the tardy bell rings they are late, no exceptions. All students who are late will be routed to specific locations around campus to receive a tardy slip. The slip is white and will have the date and time printed on it.
             2.      ID’s
    All students must have an ID on to enter class. No students are allowed into class without an ID. Students without ID's for the day will be sent directly to Coach Gwynes for replacement. If the student has already received a replacement ID then he/she will have to report to ISSP. Students are to wear ID’s around their neck at all times.
             3.      Dress Code
    Students out of dress code will be sent to their respective administrators where they will either remain in ISSP either for the duration of the day or until they are brought up to dress code. Students cleared to come to class, will be given an “okay to return to class” pass from ISSP. This will be on colored paper with the student's name and respective date.
    Common dress code violations are as followed:
    Boys – Tank tops, shirts with logos inappropriate for school (RIP, drug and/or alcohol labels, suggestive T's)
    Girls – Spaghetti straps, dresses, skirts, or shorts that are extremely tight or short, revealing tights, tops that expose the stomach, see thru tops, jeans with holes/slits where legs are exposed (if they have tights underneath they are okay)