• MiOutside of Atrium ssion, Vision, and Beliefs

    Our Mission:
    Douglas Anderson School of the Arts will be the leading public arts high school in the nation.

    Our Vision:
    Where arts and academics meet in excellence.

    Our Beliefs:

    • We believe that the arts define us.

    • We believe that the arts enrich all human endeavors by bridging differences among people and teaching creative and critical thinking skills.

    • We believe that the integration of arts and academics offers students great opportunity to succeed in post-secondary education.

    • We believe that creative freedom and rigorous discipline are fundamental to student success.

    • We believe that an environment that promotes student learning and encourages the creative process is physically, intellectually and emotionally safe.

    • We believe that good teaching practice recognizes and addresses the various ways by which students learn.

    • We believe that leadership, citizenship and ethics are a part of every student’s learning experience.

    • We believe that student progress should be monitored to ensure students’ personal and educational success.

    • We believe that periodic evaluation of our programs and policies insures that we meet the needs of our diverse student population.

    • We believe that cooperation and collaboration among students, parents, faculty, staff, and community are vital to the success of our school.

    • We believe that the audition process is fundamental to our success.