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    Q: How do I set up a School Cash Online account to pay for hallway lockers online?
    A: You can go to the Duval County Public Schools to learn more about School Cash Online. School Cash

    Q: What is your policy on personal electronic device usage at school?

    A: Students may bring cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices to school. Students may use technology at the teachers’ discretion only. Device usage is not permitted in the hallways and outdoor areas. Bring devices at your own risk; Darnell-Cookman is not responsible for lost or stolen items.


    Q: My child is going to be out today, do I need to do anything?

     A: Make sure to bring a doctor’s note or excuse note to the front office the day they come back. It's a good idea to email teachers in order to get make-up work. Students are responsible for collecting their makeup work from each teacher. Students have one class period for every class period missed to make up missed assignments.



    Q: How do I schedule a conference with the School Counselor?

    A: Please feel free to contact our guidance counselors at any time to discuss any concerns that you may have. More information about guidance counselors and guidance services can be found here



    Q: How do I schedule a conference with one or more teachers?

    A: Ms. Allen, the guidance clerk, is responsible for scheduling all conferences and shadowing appointments. She can be reached by dialing 904-630-6805 x 1145999925. It may not be possible to meet with all of your child's teachers at one time. Teachers' planning times vary and may not coincide. 



    Q: How do I get my log-in information for OneView?

    A:The front office clerk can give log-in information to parents who are listed on the emergency contact log. A valid picture ID is required. Unfortunately, log-in information cannot be provided over the phone or via email.



    Q: How does my student get their Focus log-in?

    A: Focus user names and passwords for students have changed. Students use their DCPS computer user name and password to access the grade portal. User name is the student's DCPS student ID number beginning with an "s". The password consists of: capital first initial, day of birth, lowercase last initial and the last four digits of the student's social security number or Florida ID number.

    For example: Johnny Smith, student number 11223344, DOB 10/05/2000, social security number 555667777 would have a username of s11223344 and a password of J05s7777.



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