• Chaffee Trail is proud to offer the following resource classes:  Art, Music, Physical Education and Media.  We believe that students who are exposed to an educational program, including our resource classes, perform better in their content classes and become well-rounded citizens.
    Other school clubs and activities include:
    • Walk & Run Club: This group focuses on the importance of physical activity and opportunities for positive socialization. They meet each Thursday. Applications can be picked up in the office and are available to every student.
    • Early Act Club: This group focuses on developing future leaders in partnership with the Westside Rotary Club.
    • GGRRR Club: The GGRRR Clug focuses on reducing, reusing and recycling.


    • Safety Patrol: Our 5th grade patrols work together as a community to help encourage safety during the general movement of our students throughout the school.


    • Cathedral Arts: This after school activity is facilitated by Cathedral Arts to bring high quality, comprehensive and ongoing instruction in visual arts.