• The Medical Arts Program at Darnell-Cookman

       Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School, the School of the Medical Arts, provides high performing students an advanced academic curriculum with an overview of the professional medical fields by equipping them with the academic skills and experiences to support their future success in college as an undergraduate who intends to pursue advanced degrees.

       The curriculum of our program is college preparatory. Our students are expected to develop a personal vision and plan for a four-year college/university degree with the intent to pursue an advanced degree. The curriculum is advanced, honors and Advanced Placement based. Students at Darnell-Cookman Middle/High School will work closely with faculty members, their peers, and community partners to create an environment that supports creative and independent thinkers through the exploration of real-world connections in the fields of medical practice and is fully grounded in the liberal arts. Students will be prepared for their undergraduate college or university study in any chosen field.
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  • Middle School Years (Grades 6-8)                                

       Darnell-Cookman middle years’ students will apply for either the Academically Talented Medical Program or the Gifted Medical Program. The middle years’ curriculum will include the core academics of math, science, language arts, and social studies as well as art, foreign language, technology, and career discovery. All courses will have the world of professional medicine integrated into the curriculum. Students in either program will participate in the medical elective curriculum appropriate for their grade level.
       The curriculum is taught through inquiry-based methods by certificated faculty who guide students’ learning through an active and participatory curriculum. Experiential learning will be enhanced through guest speakers, visits to the University of Florida College of Medicine at Shands Jacksonville Center for Simulation Education and Safety Research (CSESaR) as well as other community partners. The middle years’ medical curriculum includes the study of the human body, diseases and their processes, and the many fields of professional practice and work in the world of medicine and health.

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  • High School Years (Grades 9-12)                               

       Darnell-Cookman high school students will be enrolled in the “Advanced Placement Scholars” college preparatory program and major. This course of study will prepare them for admission to a college or university bachelor degree program in any field of study with the intent to pursue post-graduate professional study. The world of professional medicine will be integrated into all courses throughout the program. The curriculum is an honors level program that includes up to 12 courses in Advanced Placement (AP) credit. The AP courses are taught at the college level and may provide college credit with a student’s successful score on their exams. Thus, a student may have the opportunity to graduate Darnell-Cookman with up to thirty-six college credits through the AP courses. Our curriculum is a rigorous academic program that includes additional requirements beyond the district minimums in Latin, AP math, AP science, AP social studies, and art.

       Students who accept the challenge of Darnell-Cookman will be academically prepared for success in their educational journey through the undergraduate to graduate years of a college or university.

    See the Program and Course Information page for more details about our academic programs.
    See the Application process page to the right for more details about applying to our magnet program.
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