• Best Buddies - TBA

    Hero Support:
    It is a program based on the program called TOTs or Teachers of Tomorrow. I contact middle school students who have expressed interest and are recommended by a middle school teacher. I explain the job responsibilities such as, helping set up the assigned teacher's room, simple grading assignments, sharpen pencils, file paper work, make posters, etc. If they choose to move forward, I have them complete the attached contract.
    This is both enriching for the students and the teachers. It shows students the behind the scences of teaching as well as opens the doors for teachers to provide a mentoring role for their helpers.Plus, we as teachers could always use an extra set of hands.

    This year's theme is "Hero Support." All hero support personel recieve a sticker for the back of their Id badges and report to their teacher at 8. This program is before school only and the Hero Support and the teacher make their schedule