Tina Wilson, Principal  
    Letter from the Principal


    Greetings Parents and Guardians:

           It is my pleasure to welcome you to Mt. Herman Exceptional Student Center where we dedicate ourselves to servicing students with various special needs.  Our student population contains several exceptionalities and focuses on Participatory Level education.  We make education accessible to students by way of adapted materials, assistive technology, and the Unique Learning System curriculum.  In addition to the ULS curriculum, we also offer built in learning to address daily living skills, independent functioning skills and student specific goals.  We strive to be a collaborative partner that works with service providers, families, specialist, educators, health providers and advocates to promote student progress in every area of their life.  Mt. Herman’s faculty and staff takes pride in student growth by celebrating progress and supporting regression with understanding and hope.  We believe in providing a comparable public school environment for all students and we are proud to be a part of Duval County Public Schools.


    Tina Wilson