• MEville to WEville


     Students at Mt Herman ESC have been using a curriculum called MEville to WEville. It was developed specifically for students with severe disabilities by AbleNet, a company that sells assistive technology and augmentative communication equipment used by many of our students. During preplanning Mary Sagsetter, the representative from AbleNet who helped develop the program, came to Duval County to give an inservice on it. She has remained in contact with the teachers via email and regularly sends us websites that offer activities and materials to support the program.




    MEville to WEville Collection


          The MEville to WEville collection is broken down into three units.  Each unit is comprised of one manual and one book.  


     Unit 1- “ME”

             meville      weville  

    • Part 1- Who I am

    • Part 2 – How I feel 

    • Part 3 – What I Like

    • Today I Feel Silly   written by Jamie Lee Curtis   




     Unit 2- “MY FAMILY”

           4    3

    • Part 1- Who is My Family?

    • Part 2 – Things We Do

    • Part 3 – Living With My Family

    • Families  written by Ann Morris



    Unit 3- “MY SCHOOL”

            6   5

    • Part 1- Who is At My School?

    • Part 2 – Being A Student

    • Part 3 – What We Do

    • My Special Day at Third Street School   written by Eve Bunting




     What is Included in Each Unit?


    • Each unit includes lesson plans with specific instructions for implementation 

    • Extension activities

    • Action Dictionary

    • Assistive Technology Guide

    • Data Collection Sheets

    • Reproducibles