•  Resource Class Information

    Our students are always excited when a resource time comes around. Our resource classes consist of Art, Music, Physical Education and Media classes.



    Music at Merrill Road involves singing, playing a variety of instruments, learning about rhythm and movement. While having fun, the students learn about reading and writing different styles of music, explore different types of instruments, and learn musical terms. Students also get a chance to perform on the stage for parents and guests as part of their yearly PTA program.

    We also have a yearly, school-wide talent show that is open to all students. The funds raised from donations from this program support our Music and Technology programs.



    Our media center is stocked full of fun and educational books. Our students love going to media and listening to stories being read aloud. Students can also check out books, so they can read them at their leisure. It is the primary goal of our Media program to help develop a true love for reading and expose our students to a great variety of literature!



    Ms. Tran teaches our students all about ART! She is very talented and loves working with the children in different mediums such as paint and clay. Through a variety of activities, Ms. Tran teaches our students all about texture, blending, and personal expression. 



    While in Physical Education, the students engage their brains, as well as their bodies, in learning. We cover sport skills, fitness activities and health and safety topics. We work on all that we do with excellence and joy. Our goal is to be healthy, smart and Noblesse Oblige all the days of our lives….after all, we are the “Kindness Kingdom!”