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    Marine Science Education Center 

    School Goal

    To have everyone feel empowered to get an education!


    The Marine Science Education Center has 6 full time employees on site.


    The building that the MSEC is housed was originally built in 1927 and was known as Ribault Elementary School. It was named after French Explorer Jean Ribault who discovered this area in 1562.  It provided the education for all the students in the Mayport Village area until they reached high school age when they then attended Stanton High School. In 1950 the addition on the east end of the building was completed and added new classrooms and a cafeteria. The school then was closed in 1966 because of the building of Mayport Elementary. In 1968 the school was reopened and turned into the Marine Science Education Center with money from a Federal Grant.  Three years later it became a part of the Duval County Public School System, where it has hosted many different programs.  

    School and Community Resource

    The MSEC hosts groups of visiting high school students that are taking Marine Biology.  The students come out to view the wet lab and museum and receive hands-on experience. We also provide guidance to Mayport Middle school and Mayport Elementary for the development of their Coastal Science Programs.  We often have private school groups and home school groups that come to tour the facility.  We are also a resource for students or adults that are going to take the GED test.  We offer the students and adults a chance to take a practice test to determine their strength and weaknesses and provide them instruction in their areas of academic need.  We often open the school for community festivals and town meetings. The school is also used as a resource for the local fishing community to hold meetings put on by the FWC for updating fishing regulations and the collection of data for species counts.