• The High School Program:  The program is a vocational program where at risk students can graduate with a Standard High School Diploma.  The student’s ages range from 16 thru 19 years old and come from all over the county.  To attend the program, the students must be at least one year behind. The program has two instructors a vocational teacher and an academic teacher.  The vocational teacher follows the objectives for the various Commercial fishing courses. The academic teacher works with the student to get them where they can pass the tests necessary for graduation. 

    In order to graduate the students must pass the GED test, 10th grade reading 2.0 FCAT, and the EOC for Algebra 1.  Upon passing these tests the students receive a standard diploma from Duval County Public Schools.  The typical day for the students is to spend half of their day in academics and half of their day in the vocational program, which can include classroom work, fishing at the local dock, or out on the boat fishing.