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Arrival Procedures

·         Students sit quietly on Level 0 (silent) and read in the hallway outside of their class

·         Students do not leave their location after sitting quietly to read in the hallway

·         8:25am- Breakfast in the classroom will begin (unless your grade level votes to enter earlier)

 Dismissal Times and Procedures

  • ·        2:45 pm - Kindergarten and 1st grade/1:45 pm Early Dismissal
  •     2:50 pm - 2nd and 3rd grade/1:50 Early Dismissal
  •     2:55 pm - 4th and 5th grade/1:55 Early Dismissal 
A note is required when any variation of dismissal procedure for you child.  If none, they will be dismissed their usual way!
Students will not be dismissed to the parent without a tag.  Please visit the front office to purchase another one. 


Students may ride bikes to school. Bicycles ridden to school must be parked and locked in the designated area. The school is not responsible for lost or stolen bicycles.  All bicyclists under the age of16 must wear a bicycle helmet (F.S. 316.2065(3d). Please make a ‘rainy day ’plan with your student(s).  Example:  Student(s) will be a car rider on days when it is raining at dismissal time.


Loading and unloading of students must be done in the car rider loop.  Please do not walk between cars or encourage your child to do so.

~ All schools have a designated area for loading and unloading school buses; car traffic is prohibited in these areas.  Walking through the bus loading area is prohibited and very dangerous!

~ The car lane is the only place where parents may drive a car on school grounds to drop‑off their children. Drop off in other areas of the school property is prohibited because it creates a dangerous, hazardous traffic condition for our students. 

~  When cars are parked in parking areas at drop‑off and pick‑up times, an adult MUST walk with the child through the traffic areas.

~  Students who walk or ride bicycles are to use the sidewalks, cross only in the cross walks and obey the Safety Patrols.