• A. Philip Randolph Career Academies #285

    Address:                                1157 Golfair Blvd, 
    Jacksonville, FL 32209
    School Telephone Number:   904-924-3011 Ext 101 (Main Office)
    School Fax Number:              904-924-3125
    School Hours:                        7:30 AM to 4:00 PM
    Student School Hours:           8:25 AM to 3:25 PM
    School Number:                    #285
    District Number:                    1



    Mrs. Megan McKinney


           (904) 924-3011        


    Assistant Principal

    Mrs. Mary Flynn  Flynnm@duvalschools.org


    Dean of Students

    Mr. George Maxey  MaxeyG@duvalschools.org

    School Counselors

    Public Safety and IT/SWAG Academies

    Mrs. Deidre Clayton  Claytond1@duvalschools.org    

    Cosmetology and Construction Academies
    Ms. Chanel Gaiter  Gaiterc@duvalschools.org 

    Additional Contacts

    SRO Officer Peoples, School Resource Officer (904) 924-3011

    SAC Chairperson - Franz Wallace

    Webmaster- Janine E. Aleong

    Board Member

    Darryl Willie, willied@duvalschools.org, 904-390-2374


    Region Superintendent

    Scott Schneider, schneiders@duvalschools.org, 904-348-5306