School Supply Lists


    School Supply Lists for 2019-2020 are up to date as of June 4th.


    English and Spanish Montessori Classes


    Pre- Primary (Pre K - K)  updated                                                                       

    Pre_Primary Supply List                                                                   


    1st Years   (1st grade)  updated

    First Years Supply List


    Lower Elementary (2nd/3rd)  updated                                                               

    Lower Elementary Supply List


    Upper Elementary (4th/5th)  updated                                                                 

    Upper Elementary Supply List

    Middle School  (6th-8th)  updated

    Middle School Supply List


    Summer Work- Middle School


    Literary Terms- Middle School


    Self Contained ESE (SLA) 

    Ms. Baci (Pre K- 1st)updated
    Ms. Baci's Supply List


    Ms. Morgan (2nd-3rd) updated
    Ms. Morgan's Supply List


    Ms. Terrell (4th-5th) updated

    Ms. Terrell's Supply List  


    Fine Arts and Fitness

    Our Fine Arts and Fitness Teachers have  a combined supply list. Any supplies that you are able to purchase for the FAF teachers are much appreciated, please label for that teacher. Your child's classroom teacher will get it to the FAF teacher. Thank you so much for your help.


    Ms. Blakely (Art), Coach Parrish (PE), Ms. Shelly (Media) and Ms. Staci (Music) 

    Fine Arts and Fitness Supply List



    Extended Day Supply List