School Supply Lists for 2022-2023 are up to date as of June 9th. Book bags and Yoga Mats have been added to some previous supply lists.  As always, we recommend your child have their own labeled reusable water bottle for daily hydration, particularly as it stays HOT for longer than summer vacation!


    English and Spanish Montessori Classes


    Pre- Primary (Pre K - K)                                                                       

    Supply list-PK KG


    Lower Elementary (1st/2nd)                                                                 

    1st/2nd grade supply list


    Third Grade

    3rd grade supply list


    Upper Elementary (4th/5th)                                                                  

    4th 5th grade supply list

    Middle School  (6th-8th)

    Middle School Supply List

    Self Contained ESE (SLA) 

    Ms. Baci (Pre K- 1st) 

    Updates Coming Soon

    Ms. Baci Supply List 2021-2022

    Ms. Morgan (2nd-3rd) 

    2nd 3rd SLA supply list Ms. Morgan's class

    Ms. Morgan's Supply List 2022-2023


    TBA (4th-5th) 

    Updates Coming Soon


    Fine Arts and Fitness

    Please remember to look at the FAF supply lists. With COVID, our students are going to have to have their own supplies, since we are unable to share supplies.


    Anthony Sznakowski (Art)   

    Updates Coming Soon


    Coach Tree (PE)

    Updates Coming Soon


    Ms. Blaylock (Media) 

    Updates Coming Soon


    Ms. Staci (Music) 

    Updates Coming Soon



    Extended Day

    Updates Coming Soon

    Extended Day Supply List