• John Love reaches its students through whole group, small group and center work participation. We firmly believe that responsibility for success stems from excellent teaching practices, attentive administration, wonderful families and responsible students.

    We bring out the best in each student, as a result of shared responsibility. Our faculty and staff works together diligently to provide our students with a strong foundation for success as they strive for greatness. Our teachers are trained to deliver rigorous academic instruction and create a positive culture and climate.  Together, we partake in: Setting the Stage for Success.


    Parents, students and teachers connecting together

    These safety net programs help our students succeed throughout the year:

    • Classroom conferences and small-group instruction.
    • Internet resources including iReady.
    • Learning Centers
    • Classroom Progress Monitoring Plans
    • Academic and behavioral team: This team includes a school psychologist, counselor, as well as appropriate regular and special education teachers. The teachers and parents can discuss individual students issues and possible intervention and assistance suggestions. The team meets periodically to monitor success, track results and plan for future steps.
    • Special Education Services including ESE, speech and physical therapy.
    • Response to Intervention (RTI):  Students who need additional practice and improvement after CORE instruction may be placed in RTI.  Placing students in RTI will give learners additional instructional time for up to six weeks at a time.  At the endof the tier, students will be reassessed to show growth.