• Uniforms are Changing for ALL Academies 2021-2022--Please Read!!

    APR Uniforms are changing. The uniforms are changing to reflect unity. All students and all academies will look the same. There are different variations of the uniform for students to choose. Please review and follow the uniform policies below prior to purchasing any uniforms for school. All uniforms will be shipped to the school and available for families to pay and pick up orders on Thursday, August 5th during Student Orientation. CASH ONLY.

    A. Philip Randolph UNIFORM POLICY

    **Students must purchase the t-shirts or polos via the school ordering form.

    **Students may wear shorts or pants but must abide by the uniform policy.

    **Families have the autonomy to buy pants and shorts from any store; however, females may ONLY purchase Bermuda shorts to ensure the length is appropriate.

    **Pants and/or shirts must be tan or black khaki. No jeans are allowed!

    **Purchase at least 5 days worth of uniforms.

    **There are no returns or exchanges.

    **CASH is due on Thursday, August 5th during Student Orientation.

    **Uniforms will be delivered to students during Student Orientation (Thursday, August 5th)

    **Students may wear any color sneaker/tennis shoe. NO Crocs, sandals, slides, or open toed shoes.