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    School Apparel


    Parents and students we have a mandatory career attire policy  Review the dress policy for your academy in the listing below, we look forward to seeing everyone dressed their best! 

    At A. Philip Randolph Career Academies we are building a professional career ready campus. As such, the expectation is that all students will dress appropriately at all times. Students are required to wear academy uniform attire.  In addition, students must comply with the code of appearance from DCPS Code of Conduct. Academy instructors will also provide students with classroom dress code requirements for attire that is to be worn daily in their academy classes. Academy instructors at their sole discretion will prohibit non-clothing items to maintain safety standards (i.e. earbuds, rings, watches, jewelry, phones, etc.).

    More and more Business Partners visit our campus, they will be looking at students to determine if they would be a good fit for their company.  How you present yourself, visually, is the first impression they receive. See professional dress for each academy below:

    To help you prepare we are providing a summer shopping list.

    Please have 3-5 complete outfits before the start of school

    Remember, no head coverings are allowed.







    Construction Academies (Carpentry, Electrical, HVAC, Plumbing, Welding) 

    ____ Black or tan Dickies or BDU’s (cotton)

    ____ Tan or light blue Carhartt-type t-shirt (cotton, no pocket)

    ____ Leather work boots

    Cosmetology Academy


    ____ Black scrubs (top & bottom)

    ____ Sneakers 

    Criminal Justice

    ____ Khaki BDU’s or Dickies pants

    ____ Navy blue polo shirt

    ____ White v-neck undershirt (optional)

    ____ Black leather upper shoes or boots (black socks) 

    Physical training uniform

    ____ Navy blue athletic shorts

    ____ Grey t-shirt

    ____ Athletic shoes (with socks)

    ____ Navy blue winter jacket (as needed)

    Culinary Arts

     Students will be expected to adhere to dress code at all times. Students not in compliance will not be admitted to the class.

    ____ White w/minimum 3/4 sleeve food preparation or chef shirt

    ____ Black Khaki pants/slacks

    ____ Black non-slip safety shoes (not black athletic shoes)

    ____ Hair restraints at all times when in kitchen

    ____ Nails cut short, they must not extend past the end of fingers

    ____ Student ID pinned to shirt

    Outside of the kitchen when attending academic classes:

    ____White polo shirt

    ____ Black khaki pants worn with black belt and top of pant worn above the hip bones.

    ____ Black athletic shoes

    ____ Student ID on Lanyard displayed above the waist


    Health Science

    ____ Light blue scrubs (top & bottom)

    ____ Solid light blue scrub jacket (as needed)

    ____ Black short/long sleeve undershirts (optional)

    ____ Black athletic shoes

    Fire & Rescue

    ____ Black BDU’s or Dickies pants

    ____ Red polo shirt

    ____ White v-neck undershirt (optional)

    ____ Black leather upper shoes or boots (black socks)

    Physical training uniform

    ____ Black athletic shorts

    ____ Red t-shirt

    ____ Athletic shoes (with socks)                   

    ____ Black winter jacket (as needed)

    S.W.A.G Academy

    On the first day, every day and all day regardless of class.

    Parents please note: Students will not be allowed in the classroom if they are out of dress code.

    ____ Khaki-Tan color pants/slacks with hem with belt / waistband worn above hip bone (no skinny jeans or form fitting          pants, no slacks with holes or tears, no shorts)

    ____ Black Plain -  collared shirt/blouse (no images or text, exception: attire purchased from school store w/APR logo)

    ____ Black Only - anti-slip work shoes or sneakers with black sole only (no sandals)

    ____ Inclement Weather: Black long sleeve shirts with collar. Thin Black jacket with collar or cardigan style sweater. 
            No pullovers, hoodies, or jackets with hoods of any kind. The black jacket only may be worn in the classroom if            the temperature in the classroom is below 70 degrees farenheit (temp. will be checked).

    Additional attire only for special events/competitions:

    ____ White long sleeve dress shirt/blouse

    ____ Black dress pants/slacks or skirt (mid-knee)

    ____ Black dress shoes

    Student ID on a lanyard and worn around the neck on display above the waist at all times.


    GENERAL CODE OF APPEARANCE as per Duval County Public School System
    Each student has the responsibility to dress appropriately and have respect for self, others and the school environment. Wearing apparel, jewelry (such as body piercing (s), ornaments), hair, and general appearance shall not disrupt the classroom atmosphere, shall not be unusually provocative, and/or shall not violate health and safety rules of the school. These guidelines for dress and grooming are provided to assist parents/guardians and shall apply to all students in the Duval County Public Schools.

    Student dress and grooming shall be neat and clean, and follow the general guidelines below:

    • Shoes must be worn. Bedroom shoes or slippers shall not be worn.
    • Halter-tops, tank tops, backless tops, tops with thin or no straps, or tops that show midriff or expose the body are prohibited.
    • See-through or mesh garments shall not be worn without appropriate undergarments.
    • Form-fitting or overly tight clothing shall not be worn without appropriate outer garments.
    • Properly hemmed outer garments such as shorts, divided skirts, and dresses may be worn, provided they are not disruptive or distractive, as determined by the school administration. Garments including, but not limited to, such items as boxer shorts, traditionally designed as undergarments, may not be worn as outer garments.
    • Clothing and accessories shall not be worn if they display profanity, violence, lewd and obscene messages, sexually suggestive phrases, or advertisements, phrases or symbols of alcohol, tobacco, or drugs or other symbols phrases or advertisements that would be offensive to common propriety or decency.
    • Head coverings, including, but not limited to, caps, hats, bandannas, hair curlers, and/or sunglasses, shall not be worn on school property, unless required by a physician or authorized by school personnel.