Lavilla Bell Schedules 

    Daily Bell Schedule

    1st/5th Period: 8:25- 9:55

    2nd/6th Period: 10:00- 11:30

    3rd/7th Period 11:35-1:45

          A LUNCH 11:35- 12:05

          B LUNCH 12:08- 12:38

          C LUNCH 12:41- 1:11   

          D LUNCH 1:14- 1:45

    4TH/8TH Period 1:50- 3:20


    Early Release Bell Schedule

    1st/5th Period 8:25-9:20

    2nd/6th Period 9:25-10:20

    3rd/7th Period 10:25-12:33

          A LUNCH 10:25-10:55

          B LUNCH 10:57- 11:27

          C LUNCH 11:30- 12:00

          D LUNCH 12:03-12:33

     4th Period 12:38- 1:35      


    Tardy Policy

    Students arriving between 8:25 and 8:45 AM should report to either 1st or 5th periods. Any time after 8:45 AM, students must sign in at the front office.

    All other periods: After the tardy bell, students should report to House Administration for a tardy. Any student tardy beyond 5 minutes will be considered skipping. These students should report to the Dean’s Office.

    Early Dismissal

    There are NO early dismissals after 2:40, (12:55 on early release days), unless there is a serious emergency. This is DCPS policy. Please make all outside engagements before these times.