• KSMS            Kirby Smith Middle School

               A dedicated Math, Science and Technology Magnet   
    Kirby-Smith is a proud “A” school and also a dedicated magnet. We have an intensive math and science curriculum, along with a technology department unseen at any other school in the county. Students receive a 3 year course of study with a focus on math, science, technology and engineering. To prepare students for college preparatory courses at the high school level, the program offers gifted,  advanced and standard classes in core academic areas.
    What makes Kirby different than the other middle schools?(There have been some changes from what is in the magnet reference brochure)
    •          The addition to Kirby-Smith Middle School’s dedicated magnet program is the development of a formalized advanced / accelerated and academically talented track for students who have high achievement levels on the State Standardized Test (i.e.  FCAT, Florida Standards Assessment), and high academic achievement in their core subjects. The theme change will also facilitate Kirby-Smith’s program continuity to Magnet High schools such as Stanton, Paxon and Darnell-Cookman Advanced Studies High Schools. Current continuity to Robert E. Lee's engineering program has not been changed.

           This addition will include students who are not staffed into the gifted program, but who qualify in the following areas:

    a.      Advanced / Accelerated: Level 5 on ALL state assessments or ninety five percentile on the national norm assessments.

    b.      Academically talented: Level 4 combination on ALL assessments.

    c.      Gifted/Accelerated: Staffed gifted within the State of Florida
         Placement into the proper program will be determined as follows:
    • Current DCPS 5th grade students- upon arrival at magnet tour schools officials will look up applicants 4th grade FCAT scores
    • Non DCPS 5th grade students- applicant will be responsible for providing national norm assessment scores from 4th grade
    • Accelerated/advanced and Gifted tracks
                    I. Successful completion of Algebra I will be required for program continuity by the completion of eighth grade.
                   II. After the review of the state assessments, students may have the ability to “move up” to another track.
    -Kirby offers a Gifted and Academically talented team at each level.
    -Kirby offers the same academic curriculum as all of the other schools in the county and in addition offers high school Algebra and Geometry to qualified 7th and 8th graders.

    Specialized Course offerings and Electives
    -Video Game Design (The only middle school program in Florida)
    -Computer Applications (includes Microsoft Office Suite )
    -Digital Media Design/Film Making – Mac Lab
    -Graphic Art and Design
    -Physical Science (HS Credit)Gifted and Accelerated(geometry)students only
    -Algebra I Honors (HS Credit)
    -Geometry Honors (HS credit)
    -Spanish I-Honors (HS Credit)

    Magnet Tours:

    Presentation /Tours begin- 8 Jan 2105
    Presentation starts @ 8:30-until approximately 9:45
    Meet in the auditorium. Tours are every Thursday
    through Feb 2015
    A special evening presentation/tour will take place
    on Thursday 29 Jan 2015 @ 5:30  Arrive early for parking
    Presentation begins at around 6:00 PM followed by a tour of our facilities.
    Applications will be signed. Non DCPS students please bring student records 
    from 4th grade which show standardized math and reading scores.
    Magnet Mania/ School Choice Expo  will be 
    at the Prime Osborne from 11-3 PM on
     For Magnet information contact Paul Ohmann at                ohmannp@duvalschools.org