Chimney Lakes Elementary School's International Studies Magnet Program  
       The goal of the International Studies program at Chimney Lakes Elementary is to offer our students a world of learning opportunities for students to experience the rich diversity of cultures from around the world.  Our magnet program’s theme is intertwined throughout our curriculum. 
       Each grade level focuses on a continent of study throughout the year, so that by the time each child graduates 5th grade, they would have attained an extensive knowledge of all the continents and cultures from around the world.

    The educational team at Chimney Lakes Elementary is thoroughly committed to providing children the opportunity to develop a continual love of learning through a well-rounded curriculum, and an encouraging environment. 

    Our school-wide discipline plan provides for a safe and orderly learning environment.  High academic standards and expectations have resulted in high student achievement.  We are proud that Chimney Lakes Elementary School has won recognition by the State of Florida for continually receiving high academic grades.    

                Every year, our school puts on an International Culture Fair to celebrate the yearlong studies of our students.  Volunteers, community members, parents, and teachers all give hands on learning experiences that include activities, crafts, food tastings, and presentations to our students based on their continent of study.  We are fortunate to have University of North Florida’s ESL program and students come share their own cultures with our students during our event.

    Our magnet program also uses other programs and state of the art technology to develop an appreciation and understanding of other cultures.  Our program includes:  Student-produced closed- circuit TV studio, Teachers of Tomorrow, Safety Patrols, Media and PE Helpers, Art Club, and Chess Club.