About Holiday Hill Patrols

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    Holiday Hill Safety Patrols are selected based on their leadership qualities, academic achievement, commitment, sense of responsibility, and positive attitude toward others. Therefore patrols are seen as proven leaders on campus and are expected to uphold these values.

    Patrols receive instructions in guidelines and procedures during their training and regular patrol meetings. Duties of all patrols are listed below.

    • Set a good example and encourage other students to observe safety rules at all times.
    • Report for duty on time following the school dress code, wearing your safety patrol belt during school hours and patrol shirt on Fridays.
    • Follow the procedure for reporting incidents to the sponsor, administrators, and staff members as needed.
    • Attend and participate in all patrol meetings and training sessions.
    • Follow all directions given by a staff member or adult on campus.

    In their role of encouraging students to observe safety rules, patrols can have a significant, positive influence on their schoolmates. Patrols influence other students both formally as part of their regular duties, as well as informally because they serve as student role models of appropriate and safe behavior.

    Safety patrols are sponsored by Ms. Hutto and Mrs. Lamb


  • AAA School Safety Patrols benefit students, schools, and communities.
    Students gain:
    • Safety awareness
    • Leadership
    • Teamwork
    • Pride
    • Citizenship
    • Respect for law enforcement
    Schools benefit from opportunities to promote:
    • Traffic safety awareness
    • Peer-to-peer education
    • Character-building opportunities
    • A constructive outlet for students’ energy
    • A positive relationship with parents, law enforcement, and the overall community
     Communities benefit from:
    • Safer environments for pedestrians and motorists
    • A spirit of volunteerism and civic-mindedness
    • A positive collaboration between students, parents, schools, and law enforcement

    All Patrol members are eligible to go to Washington DC and visit our Capital and other great sites in June. During the school year they will be doing fundraisers to pay for this trip including Smencil sales in the car riders circle every morning and afternoon for $1.00. These are scented pencils in numerous flavors that make learning and writing fun! Also, the PTA is a sponsor and is allowing all coupon book sales from their fundraiser by patrol members to go towards their Washington DC adventure. The Patrols thank our PTA for supporting them.

2019-2020 Safety Patrols

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AAA Safety Patrols

  • AAA School Safety Patrol™
    The AAA School Safety Patrol™ program is the largest traffic safety program in the world!

    Since its inception in 1920, the AAA School Safety Patrol™ program, has provided a safer environment and wide spectrum of educational opportunities for millions of school children. Each year, more than 615,000 children participate at over 32,000 schools throughout the country.

    For more than 94 years, AAA has sponsored the AAA School Safety Patrol program, which instills students with a sense of responsibility, leadership and citizenship. AAA provides an array of equipment and material, including electric-lime fluorescent belts, nickel plated steel badges and training for the AAA School Safety Patrollers. When properly uniformed and trained, they can assist their grade school classmates at Holiday Hill Elementary by ensuring their safety to and from school every day.

    The program has been praised by safety and education groups around the globe for reducing injuries and deaths among 5-to-14 year olds, the age group most at risk for pedestrian injury. In addition to keeping students safe, the program teaches lifelong lessons of responsibility, leadership and good citizenship.