Third Grade Supply List 2022-2023

    (Please write the child's name on the supplies)


    • 2-reams of white copy paper
    • 3-packs of # 2 pencils
    • 2-pencil pouch (one for each class)
    • 1-box of Colored Pencils and Crayons
    • 1-5” Scissors
    • 2- Expo fine point dry erase markers
    • 2-large pink erasers
    • 4- 2 pocket folder, with prongs, solid colors
    • 1-pair of headphones / earbuds



    **Successfully complete home learning students will need the following supplies at home:

    Sharpened #2 pencils, multiplication and division flashcards (if needed).**



    REQUESTED DONATIONS (although optional, they are greatly needed):

    • Disinfectant spray
    • 2 Boxes of tissue (Kleenex, etc)
    • Antibacterial Hand Soap
    • Bright colored copy paper (single, not assorted colors: orange, yellow, pink and green are preferred.)


    ORIENTATION, THURSDAY, AUGUST 11th 11:00 in the classrooms.