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The Bridge To Success Program includes our current over-age school sites with Main campus locations located at Asa Phillip Randolph Career Academies and West Jax Elementary (middle school) as central hubs,with additional sites located within neighborhood schools. This allows eligible students to continue to attend school and participate in the extracurricular activities at their neighborhood school, while still receiving the support needed to get back on track.Supports include:
  • Rigorous face-to-face instruction with a focus on ACT/SAT preparation
  • Student advocates and mentors
  • Positive behavior supports and interventions
  • Support for attendance
  • Parent involvement activities
  • Structured after-school programs, including extracurricular activities, career exploration andinternship opportunities
Program eligibility:
  1. 2 or more years overage and/or 2 or more retentions
  2. Priority given to students in the schools housing the programs
  3. Seniors admitted on a limited basis
Programs are located in area schools, with transportation provided in zoned areas for the designated schools, with routes established by district transportation.  
High Schools
4 Site locations at:
  • Asa Phillip Randolph Career Academies (Main Campus)
  • William Raines High School
  • Jean Ribault High School 
  • Westside High School