• Kindergarten students are enjoying their first experiences in school!  Our Kindergarten teachers are fostering a love of learning, enjoyment of listening to books read aloud and increasing phonological awareness in order to provide a strong foundation in reading.  We are soaring into the Common Core State Standards to ensure every child is ready for college and a career later in life.

    Black and White Composition Notebooks (3)

    4 Folders (2 pocket with 3 prongs – 1 red, 1 yellow, 1 blue, 1 green)

    4 Jumbo Pencils and 2 boxes of yellow #2 Pencils

    Large Pink Erasers (4)

    Glue sticks (10)

    One 1 inch binder

    2 Boxes of 16-24 Crayons (No boxes larger than 24)

    Dry Erase Markers (2)

    Hand Sanitizer (2)

    Lysol Wipes (2)

    Boxes of Tissues (2)

    Hand Soap (1)

    Ream of Copy Paper (1)

    Headphones (not earbuds)

    School Bus