• Supply List 

    2 complete changes of clothing. This includes socks. Place each set in a Ziploc bag with your child’s name on the outside. If we need to change clothes, the soiled clothing will be sent home in a bag. Please send a new set of clothes in a new Ziploc bag.

    ·      1 box of pull-ups if your child will need them

    ·      1 box of baby wipes. We use these for washing paint off hands and cleaning faces.

    ·      2 boxes of Kleenex tissues

    ·      1 box of 3 ounce paper cups for drinking at snack time. (Please, no Styrofoam cups)

    ·      2 rolls of paper towels

    ·      1 package of paper plates to be used for art projects. (Please, no Styrofoam plates)

    ·      1 package of paper bowls

    ·      1 package of napkins

    ·      1 box of large Ziploc bags

    ·      1 box of small Ziploc bags

    ·      1 bottle of hand soap

    ·      1 bottle of hand sanitizer

    ·      1 towel or blanket with your child’s name on it for nap time

    ·      1 old adult size shirt to wear while painting


    Suggested Snack Items

    Goldfish, pretzels, cookies, apple sauce, pudding, animal crackers, graham crackers, chips, fruit snacks, fresh fruit.


    If we have missed anything that your child likes to eat, please feel free to send it.


    Please do not send juice.