Communicating Conflict and Concerns: 'Student Statement' documentation sheets can be picked up from and returned to the Dean of Students upon need. Student Statements provide students the opportunity to communicate with Guidance Counselors and the Dean of Students regarding any social interaction between school peers they feel needs adult intervention.  
    Parent/Teacher Conferences: Parents can request a parent/teacher conference at any time
    throughout the school year.  Please be advised that parents will meet with the entire team
    of teachers whenever possible.  Guidance Counselors, Dean of Students, or Assistant Principals
    can be a part of those conferences if the parent requests in advance when scheduling.Students
    are highly encouraged to be active participants of their meeting so that a successful plan can be developed
    for future success.
    Scheduling a Conference: All conferences must be scheduled through the Guidance Clerk. 
    All appointments are made on the first availability of the student's team of teachers. 
    Conferences are scheduled for 9 a.m, Monday through Friday, unless the faculty has a
    specialized meeting they are required to attend. 
    Medical Authorization Form: 
    students requiring administration of any medication must have an updated Medical Authorization Form
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