• ACHS Counseling office strives to support our students' academic success.  Please look at the links to the left to locate important guidance information.  On the right you will find the counselors for each of our ACHS Stingray students. 
    Any official paperwork that needs to be faxed to the Counseling office should use the following phone number to fax documents: 904-348-5313
    If you are looking for the necessary paperwork to enroll your student to ACHS, please see the ACHS Enrollment link in the left column

Student Opportunities and Other Counseling News

School Counselors

Students: A - C
Ms. Felix (Rm. 102A)............................. Department Coordinator
904-538-5120 x1268-999921
Students: D- H
Ms. Thomas (Rm. 518C)
904-538-5120 x1268-999922
Students: I - Mi
Ms. Rennert (Rm. 518A)
904-538-5120 x1268-999923
Students: Mo - Sh
Ms. Mashek (Rm. 102B)
904-538-5120 x1268-999924
Students: Si - Z
Ms. McIntosh (Rm. 518B)
904-538-5120 x1268-999927

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