• What is home learning?

    Home learning is the new lingo for "homework."  It is meant to be meaningful, rigorous, and creative. Our District is steering away from repetitive, rote memorization homework and instead gearing home learning to be student data driven and allow the students to take ownership of their work.


    All students should be reading nightly.  Reading silently is great, but reading out loud to a parent or sibling is the best way to ensure that your child is on track.  

    How can you help with reading?

    Each night after you listen to your child read ask them open ended questions such as, "Why do you think the character did this?” and “What do you predict will happen next?" The best way to increase reading ability is to practice!


    Many students struggle at math because their reading skills are poor.  Increasing reading skills will also increase math skills.

    How can you help with math?

    Practice math facts in the car with your child, when shopping, or anywhere. Memorizing facts will make those more complicated math problems a much easier task! StudyJams.scholastic.com has free tutorials on nearly all subjects for math.