Student Dress Code

  •   Mandatory School Uniforms...Why, you ask?

    • Promotes safe and civil schools

    • Instills a sense of pride and community

    • 30% reduction in violence and theft

    • Instills discipline among students

    • Reduces need for administrators and teachers to be the clothing police

    • Reduces distractions for students

    • 30% reduction in incidents of bullying and harassment
    • Increases safety and security by helping school staff recognize those who do not belong on campus.

    Attire consists of:

    • Polo style shirts with a collar (white or green)

    • Black or brown belt

    • Black or white socks only

    • Any shoes that aren't allowed according tot the Code of Student Conduct that includes flip flops or wheelie shoes 

    • Pants, shorts, skirts and dresses (blue, black or khaki) are to be plain in design -- for safety reasons, cargo pants are not allowed

    • Shorts, skirts and dresses/rompers should be no more than 3" higher than the crease at the back of the knee

    • Pants and shorts must have a belt loop and a belt must be worn

    • All pants, shorts and skirts must fit at the waist and be worn at that level

    • No tutus, leggings, leggings, hats/head coverings or silly bands

    Full Duval County Public Schools dress code
     Student Uniforms