• Work Enclave Work Sites
     Palm Avenue boasts a successful Community Based Vocational Education program. Several students who have satisfied graduation requirements participate in the opportunities throughout the week.

    UF Health:  Students work in Food Service Departments at UF Health.  Duties include food preparation, serving food, restocking condiments, cleaning floors and tables, transporting supplies, assisting food service employees with tasks.  Job Coach is Carleatha Sheffield.

    St. Vincent Medical Center:  Students work in the Food Service Departments.  Duties include folding silverware into napkins, wiping tables, restocking items for sale, and replenishing condiment containers.  Job Coach is Tanika Blue.

    St. Catherines Laboure Manor:  Students work in the Food Service Departments, activities, and laundry.  Duties include dishwashing, wiping tables, food preparation; assisting with therapeutic activities; folding laundry materials.  Job Coach is Yvette Studstill.

    Publix Supermarket:  Students work in the Customer Service Area of the store.  Duties include bagging groceries, greeting customers, restocking grocery shelves.  Job Coach is Loreatha Belcher.

     Goodwill Industries Thrift Store:  Students work in the thrift store.  Duties include hanging clothing, zoning store shelves, cleaning floors, assisting with customers donating items.  Job Coaches are Tanika Blue and Yvette Studstill.

     Feeding Northeast Florida:  Students work in the food donation area.  Duties include sorting food items, assembling snack packs, separating vegetables into salvageable bins and unsalvageable bins.  Job Coach is Loreatha Belcher.

     Special Olympic County Office:  Students work in an office setting.  Duties include shredding paper, folding fliers, folding t-shirts, general office tasks.  Job Coach is Loreatha Belcher.