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    AP Logo Our Advanced Placement Program ensures that students receive a college-level education while still in high school, potentially enabling them to receive college credit at hundreds of colleges and universities. This curriculum is a nationally benchmarked program widely recognized as the standard in college preparation, in both rigor and variety of courses. While the courses place high demands on students, they also enable students to gain confidence in their ability to succeed in college. At Paxon, all students entering in 2010 or later are required to take nine AP courses ranging from art history to computer science, helping them develop the tools to achieve high levels of success in college, business, or any other future endeavor.
    The AP course and exam experiences take place in secondary school classrooms; however, college faculty members work alongside AP teachers to help shape the course and exam content and to score exams. Admission and enrollment officials recognize the achievement of AP students, who demonstrate through successful exam scores that they are ready for the challenge of higher education and can, in turn, contribute new thoughts and ideas to the communities at their colleges and universities.