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    Magnet Program Overview

    Paxon is driven to provide an exemplary education to the most versatile student. Here, students must feel they belong, all while being held to the highest standards in order to acquire the greatest possible future success in life.

    To do this, we offer the most expansive educational program in Duval County. From academics, arts like film and music, to sports and information technology—we create the pathways for students to experience achievement, competition and a global perspective.

    An elite institution and noted IB World School, Paxon is recognized in the top 1% of high schools nationwide. Our JROTC is in the top 1% in the world, and our students are consistently among the highest scholarship money recipients in the entire district. Also, we are the only school in Duval County with a 100% graduation rate each year.

    Combine this with Embry Riddle dual enrollment, and it’s easy to see why Paxon students and faculty have higher expectations and can define their own terms of success.

    The Paxon Experience



    Paxon Student Experiences