****All information below is subject to change based on information that comes down from the School Choice Department. Note that all new changes will be in red.****

    Tour dates are available on our calendar and are normally in January and February for the following school year.



     Grades PK3-PK4
    To be eligible for the PK3 program your child should be 3 years old by September 1st of the school year you are applying for. Also all preschoolers at Axson are required to be fully potty trained (able to initiate going to the restroom as well as able to fully clean and dress themselves as stated in our toilet training policy). At J. Allen Axson, our Preschool Program is a tuition based program, currently $327 (subject to change each year) per month and our preschoolers attend school Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 1:30pm. We do not offer part-time preschool and we do not accept the VPK voucher. After touring the school, an online application can be submitted to the magnet office, by the end of February for the following school year in order to apply for the program. Once the application is received, it is processed via a lottery, just as all other magnet applications. Typically, you are notified by the end of April via email or letter. The communication will inform you if your child was accepted or wait-listed. Currently there is continuity from Preschool to Kindergarten, so at this time, Pre-k students do not need to reappply for Kindergarten. 

    Grades K 

    After touring the school, all online applications should be submitted to the magnet office by the end of February for the following school year. Kindergarten students must be 5 years old by September 1st of the school year you are applying for. 

    Grades 1 – 5
    Please bring proof of Montessori experience to the tour. The proof should also be submitted with the application to the magnet office by the end of February for the following school year.  Students will only be admitted to these grades if they have previous Montessori education experience in the prior school year. (Proof of Montessori experience can be in the form of a letter form the school or a report card. ) The Principal will verify the documentation of the prior Montessori experience. 

    There is no cost for attending Kindergarten through 5th grade. We only charge tuition for prek.

    Continuity track

    Our school has the following continuity: Axson Montessori to John E Ford Montessori Middle School. Fifth grade students must fill out a magnet application to John E. Ford. Visit the School Choice Office's Forms Page: http://www.duvalschools.org/schoolchoice.

    Magnet Lottery
    You will want to apply for a spot at Axson by accessing the Magnet Application in the parent/guardian FOCUS account. If you have not created a parent/guardian FOCUS account, please visit the School Choice website to follow the process: https://dcps.duvalschools.org/Page/19168 There is a deadline for turning in this application that must be met to be eligible for lottery. It is February 28th
    School Choice Application Guide 2021

    We will offer tours beginning in January through February for the following school year. Tours are listed on our school calendar. Please call (904)992-3600 if you have any questions about the tours. Parents of students applying for 1st grade through 5th grade must provide proof of prior Montessori experience in the prior school year in order to tour the school for that grade level. There will be a link for a survey at the end of the tour. You must fill out the survey in order to get credit. The tours are put into the FOCUS system from those surveys, and that counts as the proof that you toured. 

    There will be no Open House this year. 

    Priorities (K-5) for our school:
    • The first priority of the lottery is neighborhood preference for students who live in the former attendance area of our dedicated magnet school, which means you have to live in the neighborhood of our old building, Public School No. 8, Jacksonville, FL 32206. (Proof of residency is required.)
    • The second lottery priority is military dependent, for a student who has a parent on active duty. (Students meet eligibility requirements when applicable, follow application procedures, reside in Duval County and in the household of the military affiliated parent, and submit active duty orders and emergency data record.) Please refer to School Board Policy 5.23 for complete details.
    • The third lottery priority is sibling preference for a student who has a brother or sister residing at the same address who attends a magnet program at the same school and is eligible to return next year. Siblings applying for the first time are not eligible to receive sibling preference. (Parents completing a blank application form must provide name and student ID# of sibling already attending the school.)
    • The fourth lottery priority is elementary students whose neighborhood school is a Title 1 school and who apply to attend a magnet program in a non-Title 1 school.
    • The fifth priority is for students whose parents attend a tour or open house at the magnet school they are applying for in our attendance zones.
    • The sixth lottery priority is drawn from all students who apply to J. Allen Axson but who did not tour the school.
    • The seventh lottery priority is - Not Eligible for the Program (e.g., Montessori 1st grade and higher without an immediate full prior year of Montessori experience)The lottery is drawn in April of each year for the following school year.  The deadline for submitting Magnet applications is generally late February. Check here for more information: http://www.duvalschools.org/schoolchoice.

    For questions about Extended Day before and after school, check out our Extended Day page

Last Modified on April 28, 2021