• Laptop computer image DA District Laptop Distribution

    All DA students will be issued a District laptop next week.  Brick & Mortar students will receive their laptops during English class on Monday, February 8, or Tuesday, February 9. Students must have their student ID with them to receive their laptops.  If you already have a district-issued laptop, you must return it on Monday or Tuesday when receiving your new laptop. 

    Students will be responsible for bringing their computer, fully charged, to school each day as we will no longer have computer carts in the classrooms. 

    Students are responsible for these laptops and will need to take care of them as if they are their own.  Laptops that are lost, stolen, or damaged will require a police report and will add a debt of $700 to the student's account.  Laptops will need to be returned at the end of senior year or if you leave DA. 

    Duval Homeroom students - You will be able to pick up your district-issued laptop on Wednesday, February 10 in the cafeteria using the carpool loop.  You will need your student ID to pick up your laptop.  Any District laptop you currently have must be returned at the same time or we will not be able to issue you a new laptop. 

    Students must follow this pick-up schedule:

    • Last Name A-C   8:45-9:15

    • Last Name D-G 9:15-9:45

    • Last Name H-M 9:45-10:15

    • Last Name N-R 10:15-10:45

    • Last Name S-Y   10:45-11:15


    If you have any questions regarding our move to one-to-one computers, please email Mr. Franklin at franklinj3@duvalschools.org.