• We have several school based enterprises at Alden Road.  Our goal is to engage our students in real world activities that better prepare our students for living as independently as possible. 

    Our enterprises provide vocational and employability skills training through projects such as:

    • Furniture Restoration
    • Film Production
    • Production of Greeting Cards and Calendars
    • Thrift Store
    • Sandwich and Coffee Shops
    • Production of Crafts to Sell
    • Production of Specialty Soaps
    • Creating and Selling Cookbooks
    • On-going Assembly Project - in collaboration with a community business partner

    **If you are interested in placing a custom order with one of our enterprise businesses please visit the business’ page on this website and contact the teacher responsible for each business.  We thank you for you ongoing support and for helping us realize our vision.**

    We encourage you to come to Alden Road and visit our enterprise businesses.  We have something wonderful going and would love to share it with you.