• Identification Badges


    Students will be provided an ID on a lanyard that will denote which grade level he/she is enrolled. The student is expected to wear the ID every day to school. If a student doesn’t have his/her ID, the following consequences will apply:

    1st Offense - Warning: Student sent to the House Administration Office and required to purchase a $1 wristband that is to be worn the remainder of the day

    2nd Offense - Student contract signed by student, parent, and administrator and participate in after school detention

    3rd Offense - Student will be required to buy a new ID for $5.00

    4th Offense - Student will be written on a discipline referral for a 2.01 offense (as per the Student Code of Conduct, “Failure to follow directions relating to safety and order in class,  school, school-sponsored activities or the school bus”)


    *If student is unable to pay $1 for the wristband or $5.00 for the new ID, the fine will go on record and need to be paid immediately. If the fine is not paid immediately, student will not be able to participate in extracurricular activities, such as, the block party and field trips.