Communication & Social Skills at MAYPORT ELEMENTARY



    Communication and Social Skills (CSS)

    The CSS program focuses on the facilitation of functional communication, and social communication for students with an identified disability requiring these services. We serve primarily students with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Intellectual and Emotional Disabilities, Developmental Disabilities, and Speech/ Language Impairments. The CSS program provides educational services based on the knowledge of current, relevant research and effective practices in a self-contained setting. The CSS program focuses on increasing independent living, academic skills, socialization, and communication skills within the context of a positive behaviorally supportive environment throughout the school day. In addition to Mayport, CSS programs are located at 24 site schools across the district. These services are available to students from pre-kindergarten through transition age. Please contact ESE Admissions and Placement to determine eligibility and placement in a CSS program. ESE Admissions (904)348-7760.