Communication & Social Skills at MAYPORT ELEMENTARY

                                       Coastal Sciences Academy


    The Pre-K CSS Science Program focuses on learning about the department mascot, the sea turtle. Much of the year is spent comparing the sea turtle to other sea creatures (sea stars, dolphins, manatees, etc.). Our youngest scientists also learn about the five senses and how to use them to investigate their world. 

    The Kindergarten through 5thgrade CSS Program is a very unique and one of a kind model in the county at this time. Our students have the opportunity to be serviced in an environment that supports and is enhanced by Coastal Science. Teachers provide instruction through concentrated academic area classrooms. This makes it possible for students to be exposed to experimenting and experiencing Coastal Science through subject area-related differentiated hands-on activities. Our ever-growing scientists also learn about environmental awareness and how to apply their learned skills appropriately in their community. 

    Additionally, they begin to learn about the importance of becoming environmental stewards, with a focus on keeping the earth clean and recycling materials.

    Students in our Communication and Social Skills Pre-K-5thProgram are being serviced in a self-contained setting. Please contact the ESE Admissions Office (904) 390-2076 for possible placement in our CSS Program. 

    Students identified with the Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s, and PDD-NOS that are being serviced in the general education setting with ESE support do not need to contact the ESE Admissions Office for placement in Mayport Elementary Coastal Sciences Academy.