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Links that are important – read about these links below:
Ongoing, August – June: apply for scholarships.
October 1 – November 1: Early Decision, Early Action, and other special admissions deadlines such as Florida State University first window of opportunity on October 15. University of North Carolina Chapel Hill on October 15, University of Georgia on October 15, etc.
November 1: University of Florida application deadline.
December 1 – February 1: Most deadlines for commonapp.org colleges.
October 1: Bright Futures application available online.
October 1: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available. (Note: Beginning in the 2016-2017 school year, the FAFSA will open October 1.)
May 1: Date by which you MUST have notified the college you will attend and make a deposit.

Register for SAT here.
Register for ACT here.

College Application Process
State of Florida Public Colleges and Universities - follow all of the guidelines and directions to apply that are on the SUS matrix chart, or go to the colleges’ websites. When you request the transcript, the following occurs:
  1. Stanton receives your request.
  2. Stanton electronically sends your request to the Duval County transmission center.
  3. Duval County sends your transcript electronically to the college.
  4. The college “picks up” your transcript from their electronic mailbox.
  5. The college must process this information and will post it on your status screen - THIS COULD TAKE UP TO 3 – 4 WEEKS from the date you request it, so please be patient if it doesn’t show on your status screen immediately.

Common Application Colleges at www.commonapp.org - if you are applying to a college that uses the Common Application, the we require that you submit you application using the common application and the online submission process. This process works in this way:

  1. You open an account at www.commonapp.org. Follow all directions carefully.
  2. Complete all information thoughtfully, completely, and accurately.
  3. You will be asked for your counselor’s email address. Use ONLY the following:
    May Ibasco - Students A-D,  grades 9-12, Honors, IB students - email – ibascom, Phone Ext 118
    Penny Studstill - Department Head- E-K,  9-12, Honors, IB students - email – studstillp, Phone Ext – 119
    L-R,  9-12, Honors, IB students -  Phone Ext 114
    Misayo Watanabe - S-Z, 9-12, Honors, IB students - email- watanabem, Phone Ext 116
  4. Your counselor will complete the online High School Report Form and will electronically send your transcript. IMPORTANT NOTE: in order for your counselor to complete these forms, an Activities and Experiences Sheet, as well as a College Questionaire must be completed.
  5. For teacher recommendations, put your teacher’s email address where requested, and notify that teacher at least 2 weeks before the due date. Teacher email addresses can be accessed by clicking on the tab “Contact Information,” located at the top of this page.

Out of State Public Colleges and Private Colleges that do not use the Common App – these colleges’ application process might include some or all of the following:

  • Your online application – complete at the college’s website.
  • Your transcript - request the transcript on the Stanton site. It will be mailed unless you state otherwise.
  • A Counselor’s Report Form - sometimes called the High School Report Form. You must print this and BRING it to your counselor. The only exception would be if the college asks for the counselor’s email and sends the form to the counselor directly – this should be clear in the directions the college gives you. This form will be mailed with the transcript unless submitted online.
  • Teacher Recommendation Forms - You must print these and BRING them to your teachers. The only exception would be if the college asks for the teachers’ emails and sends the forms to the teachers directly – this should be clear in the directions the college gives you. When requesting a recommendation from a teacher, be sure to complete this form and give it to her/him.
  • College Application Essays - Your essay is a very important component of your application. It is important that you clearly understand the prompt, or what they are asking you to write. Once you have a working draft of an essay, you should show it to your English teachers as well as submit it to your counselor for review. 

    Writer’s block is very common when having to approach an essay about yourself. The attributes that colleges are expecting you to address in your essay are contained in these handouts:
    Evaluate Yourself – prompts to help you clarify issues
    Components of a successful college essay.


Paying for College
Click here for information on the various types of financial assistance.
Florida Bright Futures Program

High School Graduation YearSAT/ACT Score to Earn FAS AwardSAT/ACT Score to Earn FMS AwardCommunity Service Hours RequirementGPA Requirement

1290 SAT

1170 SAT

FAS- 100FAS – 3.5 or higher in 16 credits of college prep academic classes

29 ACT

26 ACT

FMS- 75FMS- 3.0 or higher in 16 credits of college   prep academic classes

Application opens October 1

Service hours are due in Guidance the day before winter break, or the day before spring break.