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    SAT Testing Information
    ACT Testing Information

    ACT & SAT Test Dates 2019-2020

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    Questions about the redesigned SAT?  Click here for an overview.
    Fee waivers are available for students on Free or Reduced Lunch, or with economic hardships. See your counselor.

    PSAT Score Help: 
    The College Board offers free PSAT and SAT prep through their website. Please visit the College Board website to access these resources. Khan Academy: Steps to Linking with Official SAT Practice

    College Campus Visits: Tips for College Campus Visits 

    Planning Calendar :Click here for an additional calendar with suggestions

    Schedule Your Junior Future Planning Meeting
    The Junior Future Planning Meeting is for you and your parents to help you with the application processes to colleges and for scholarships. This can be a confusing time, but if you approach it with a set, orderly procedure, we believe that you will find everything will fall into place. Above all, use all the resources available to you to help you make your decisions. Resources such as college admis­sion counselors,school counselors, parents, friends, community members, and college websites, all will help make your experience run smoothly. Seek answers and information through research and questioning so that you will be prepared for this step in your life. These are some of the more important decisions in your life so far, and the only way to feel good about them is to feel prepared. The School Counselors wish you the best of luck in this endeavor.

    To The Parents:
    School Counselors will be meeting with juniors and their parents to discuss future and college plans. The meetings will take approximately 45 minutes where we will discuss specific colleges for your student. We will begin these meetings in February and continue through April. Parental attendance is recommended but not mandatory. If you wish to attend, please use the contact information below to make the appointment. Since these occur during the school day, it would be wise to coordinate with your son/daughter what day and time would work for them. If you are unable to attend, please encourage your student to attend, for this is a very important and confusing time and the burden can be lessened by careful planning.

    • Prior to your Junior Planning Meeting, you must complete a College Planning Questionnaire and an Activities and Experiences Sheet. Both of these forms provide important information for your counselor that will help you successfully plan your future. Your counselor will not make an appointment until these forms are received.
    • Activities and Experience Sheet
      • You should complete each section of the activities and experience sheet as thoroughly as possible, as this information presents a portrait of you beyond grades, tests, and other data. You will be asked for this information on your college and scholarship applications, and your counselor will use it to recommend you to colleges and scholarships. Your counselor has to write a letter of recommendation and will use the information you have provided to highlight your talents. This information is also used to determine your qualification for various scholarships for which Stanton nominates students .
      • The downloadable form is a MS Word Document. It is suggested that you download it, complete it by typing in the answers, save it for future updating, and print the completed form and bring it or email it to your counselor. By typing it in Word, you will be able to say everything you want to say in the column, "Accomplishments and Experiences," within that activity, as the table will expand to as many lines as you need. You may also print out a blank form and complete it by writing on it. Click here to download the MS Word Document - Activities and Experiences.
      • If your computer does not have MS Word, you can download this PDF file so that you can write on it - activities and experience sheet
      • If you already have a detailed resume prepared, please feel free to submit it in lieu of the Activities and Experiences sheet.
    • To make an appointment with your School Counselor, send an email using the contact information below. Make certain you have heard back from the School Counselor confirming the appointment before you show up. 
    • May Ibasco - Department Head- Students A-D,  grades 9-12, Honors, IB students - email – ibascom, Phone Ext 1153999921
    • Stephanie Szymczyk - E-K,  9-12, Honors, IB students - email – szymczyks, Phone Ext – 11153999922
    • Kyle Fessenden- Students L-R,  9-12, Honors, IB students email - fessendenk  Phone Ext 1153999923
    • Misayo Watanabe - S-Z, 9-12, Honors, IB students - email- watanabem, Phone Ext 1153999924
    Applying to College 

    You can complete a college application in a number of ways:

    1. From the college’s website. If a college is not a member of the Common Application or Coalition App (see below), go to the college’s website and complete their online application. Using a paper application should be your LAST option.
    2. Use the Common Application or Coalition AppCommon app has about 800 college members and Coalition app has about 140 college members. We require that you use the Common App or Coalition App if the college is a member.
    3. Many colleges provide a paper application for those who have no Internet access. Use this option ONLY as your absolute LAST option. 

    Components of a college application:

    • Biographical Data – student completes all relevant information.
    • SAT and/or ACT scores – student MUST have scores sent to college directly from the testing agency. When you register for the test, use the 4 free reports to colleges – that is considered OFFICIAL.
    • Holistic Information – this part is very important:
    • Essays – read: Components of a successful college essay. Show your essay to your counselor. Do the worksheet
    • Evaluate Yourself – prompts to help you clarify issues to help you understand what type of information colleges are looking for in the essay.
    • List of Activities and Experiences – use the information you provided on the activities and experience sheet
    • High School/Counselor Report – this is required for almost all private colleges. With the Common App and Coaition App, your counselor receives a link when you provide the email address. For colleges who are not members of the Common App or Coalition, there is usually a place for you to provide your counselor’s email address, or to print out a High School Report Form to bring it to your counselor.
    • High School Transcript – must be official. See the Senior Page for more information on requesting your transcript.
    • Teacher Recommendations – not required by all colleges, but with the Common App or Coalition, you must provide your teachers’ email addresses.

    Florida State University System: Valuable information about the State Universities in Florida are contained in State University System of Florida Information Sheets

    Athletes - NCAA Eligibility Center - If you wish to participate in inter collegiate sports, you must register at the NCAA Eligibility Center at the end of your Junior Year. 

    Paying For College
    Paying for college and securing financial assistance can be confusing. There are many opportunities to help you pay for college, such as need-based financial aid and scholarships. If you don’t apply for scholarships, you can’t be considered! Apply for a number of scholarships, focus on scholarships where your grades, service, leadership or special talents make you more competitive, do the essays – many others won’t. Please read the following information sheets and make an appointment with your counselor to discuss financial aid.


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