• Sophomore Information
    Welcome to the 10th graders’ information page. Information will be added to this page throughout the year, so please check back from time to time. Also, you should visit the Sophomore News page on a regular basis to stay informed of upcoming programs. All relevant information for 10th graders will be posted here. When you are at the Sophomore News page, view the links to other news on the left of the page - there you will see links to Senior and Junior News, as well as news for all students. 

    Click here for a good calendar of what to be doing in Sophomore Year.  

    Future Planning Appointment
    Parents and students have the recommended option of setting up an appointment with your school counselor to discuss the student’s specific goals and other needs regarding future planning.

    May Ibasco - Students A-D,  grades 9-12, Honors, IB students - email – ibascom, Phone Ext 118
    Penny Studstill - Department Head- E-K,  9-12, Honors, IB students - email – studstillp, Phone Ext – 119
    Kyle Fessended Students L-R,  9-12, Honors, IB students email________ Phone Ext 114
    Misayo Watanabe - S-Z, 9-12, Honors, IB students - email- watanabem, Phone Ext 116

    PSAT score help
    The College Board offers free PSAT and SAT prep through their website. Please visit the College Board website to access these resources.

    Activities and Experiences

    When you eventually apply to colleges, a very important part of your application will be to describe your high school activities and experiences. This part of your application might make or break your admissions. Now is a good time to get started compiling your A&E.