• Douglas Anderson Exterior DA in the News
    The Florida Times-Union / Jacksonville.com - September 10, 2017
    Douglas Anderson School of the Arts will dedicate the new Augusta Savage Sculpture Garden on Thursday, honoring the sculptor who was born in Green Cove Springs in 1892.  The garden, which features 19 pedestals and six large concrete pads, will exhibit sculptures by current and former DA students alongside local professional artists including Dolf James and Jenny Hager.  [Read More]
    The Resident Community News - June 2, 2017
    With hoopla and much fanfare, the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts Foundation honored Helen Lane’s three decades of giving to the school when it held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to commemorate the Helen Murchison Lane Art Gallery at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts May 22. [Read More]
    Jacksonville Free Press - May 25, 2017
    Douglas Anderson School of the Arts was the location for the Young Women of Color Empowerment Conference held last week. The conference marked the ninth year whose mission has been to educate and to empower young women of color with the tools needed to become “change agents.” This year’s theme focused on the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (S.T.E.M.), with an emphasis on STEM innovation and leadership.
    The forty invited female participants began their day with a challenge by organizer Debbie Rouse.
    “This will be a day of work and engagement! We can’t sit by and expect success to be dropped in our laps. We must take charge, work hard and never give up!” she said. [Read More]
    The Florida Times-Union / Jacksonville.com - April 23, 2017
    During a visit to his alma mater last Tuesday, actor Patrick Heusinger told a gathering of Douglas Anderson School of the Arts students they should be prepared for a couple of tough realities if they intend to pursue a professional career in theater, television and film. They should be prepared to leave home, he said. [Read More]
    The Florida Times-Union / Jacksonville.com - April 14, 2017
    After 47 years in the Duval County Public Schools, the last 20 as principal of the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Jackie Cornelius was planning a low key approach to her upcoming retirement. But members of the faculty and school supporters, who think Cornelius has been a splendid leader of a school they consider a major asset to Jacksonville, weren’t about to let her go gentle into that good night. [Read More]
    Broadwayworld.com - April 6, 2017
    A.R. Gurney's THE DINING ROOM, a play in two acts, presents the audience with a series of vignettes with nearly 60 characters, all played by only 7 actors. Covering decades of family life for North Eastern "WASPS"s (white Anglo-Saxon Protestants), this disappearing upper middle class is poked fun at in moments, revered in others, and delectably exposed in Douglas Anderson School of the Arts' production of this Pulitzer nominated piece.
    Directed by supernatural force Simone Aiden, you will quickly forget these are high school students - high school students that are fiercely and effectively delivering about 8 characters each in the course of two hours [Read More]
    The Florida Times-Union / Jacksonville.com - April 3, 2017
    When he was in kindergarten, Seth Gozar was given a copy of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s novella “The Little Prince,” which Gozar describes as “a search for a lost childhood.”
    “It made me think I wanted to write a story,” he said.
    And so he wrote a story. He doesn’t remember the first one, but he does remember writing a 30-page account of a trip he made at age 6 to the Philippines, the country from which both his parents had emigrated.
    He’s now a senior at Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, where he has been studying creative writing under Liz Flaisig, chairwoman of the creative writing program, who teaches prose, and Tiffany Melanson, who teaches poetry. [Read More]
    WJXT News4Jax.com - December 6, 2016 
    Douglas Anderson School of the Arts’ top band, the Wind Symphony, gave a concert Tuesday night, previewing the program that the band will perform next week at the Midwest Clinic in Chicago.
    Students have been practicing and raising money since this spring to attend the music conference, which is considered one of the nation’s most prestigious gathering of music educators. [Read More] 
    Broadwayworld.com - November 14, 2016
    Under normal circumstances, it wouldn't be a bad problem to have. During rehearsals for the Douglas Anderson School of the Arts' production of the Jason Robert Brown and Alfred Uhry musical PARADE, director and Theatre Department Co-Chair David Loudermilk realized his student cast would need some hard lessons on embodying the intense negative feelings of prejudice. "I think it's an interesting balance," Loudermilk comments. "With this generation being so open and accepting and understanding of things - especially here at DA - it's hard for the kids to go to the 'other side' of it. They're struggling with getting angry. They just don't know how." [Read More]