• Sabal Palm Extended Day Enrichment Program


    "Committed to the development and management of safe, affordable, structured, and well-supervised care before and after school for students of working parents."


    What We Do


    The Extended Day Enrichment Program at Sabal Palm Elementary provides working parents an environmentally safe and convenient point of service location to leave their children before and after school.  Our program is totally self-supporting and paid for by working parents.


    Extended Day provides academic enhancement, tutoring and remediation activities that reflect the standards-based reading and mathematics efforts of the District.  The program also provides a variety of other before and after school enrichment activities for students that may include computers, recreational sports, cooking, drama, music, arts and crafts, and special events.


    At Sabal Palm Extended Day, students are grouped by grade levels or mixed grade levels.  Students arrive in the morning program and participate in activities before school.  For example, the Coach does a wake-up walk and run activity every morning for students who are interested in participating.  Students are dismissed to go to class or breakfast at 8:00.  Kindergartners are taken to class at 8:15.


    Students come to the afternoon program and have their snacks (provided by the parent).  They then go with their groups to the afternoon activities that are programmed for them.   Currently, we offer recreational sports led by a Duval County Public Schools certified coach.